Papercircle inspired by Bianca Chang

Inspired by an 2012 original paper sculpture from Bianca Chang an Sydney based artist I tried recreating her artwork in #cinema4D as an digital asset and playing around with different camera angles. This piece has a huge potential for animation. I´ll maybe resume that in some spare time.

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31.August 2014 | Tags:

Joyas Surfboards rebranding

In 2003 the french duo Julien and Jeff Sicre founded the surfing brand Joyas on Fuerteventura – the European Hawaii. For over ten years Julien is shaping custom premium surfboards by hand.
Surfers from all over the world keep them busy.
For the current season they asked me to rebrand this little juwel of craftmanship on the Canary Islands.  “Joyas” means “Diamond” in Spanish – my design communicates their values in an iconic way.
28.March 2014 |

Aixsponza Christmas Mailing

Aixsponza is a Munich based VFX, 3D animation and motion design studio. Doing digital stuff all year trough they put a lot of effort in an analog christmas mailing for their clients every year. Over the last couple of years they established doing something bavarian traditional. I had the pleasure to be commissioned to develop the concept and design for their 2013 mailing. Each client got 6 beer mat´s, packed in a custom made black card box. The box has an embossing on the top, the beer mat´s where done on an old “Heidelberger Tiegel” as two color letterpress.

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9.January 2014 |

Cinema 4d R15 features – the little ones

Today Maxon announced the 15th version of Cinema4D which is scheduled to ship and be available to public in September. Here is a sneak peak into some of the new features. Like last year I´m showing not to much on the major ones. There will be complete new stuff like Team Render, improved Gi and sculpting. I´m as always more about workflow improvement and nice to have. But I´m shure you find heaps of previews for the rest of it within the next ours in the world wide web from our super active cinema 4d beta community. This is just an introduction to some of my favourite new features and no detailed tutorial.

01 Texture Manager
The new Texture Manager is def. bad ass for your workflow improvement. Everytime you switch between osx and win or get a project on a hard drive to transfer it to your own server you get prompted by an error message of Cinema 4D of missing textures while you hit the render button. Until R15 it took you ages everytime to relink to the new texture path. With the new R15 Texture Manager finally we have a one click solution for this problem.

02 Edge Slide
In R15 we got a complete new edgeslide tool which was only possible before with the 3rd party Kyama plugin.
Have a look on your own.

03 Bevel
Bevel and Cinema 4D was always a big topic in the user community. Maxon brought a complete new solution with a pretty cool toolset of bevle features which gives you the ability to adjust it as long and as easy as you want. Have a look on your own.

04 Renaming to Subdivision Surface
Best sign in 2013 Cinema 4D is 100% a professional 3D package. Hypernurps are gone… :)

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Custom made lettering skateboard

Since I´m into all that creative and design business I was always interested in fonts. Even about the last couple of years when I scpecialized more and more in animation I always had this weakness for typography. About six month ago I start getting into hand made calligraphy and lettering. My first steps where horrible but after a while I got the payoff for my tenacious work in some nice lettering results. So I wanted to use my new learned skills in some real world project. So I had the chance to designed a skateboard deck with a bunch of my owen writings. Thanks to Reinke from fibretec who was so kind to produce the board for me. Continue reading

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Instead of painting easter eggs I´m doing some calligraphy experiments on fruits. Continue reading

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Casa Maccaroni Titles

Working on some new Casa Maccaroni titles. Continue reading

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